What is the end-user concern about when buy a TWS earphones?


How true wireless earbuds work?

Features end-users care about​

As a wearable device for a long time, comfort is

the first performance that the customer cares about most

-Connection stability
Compared to the originally wired earbuds, true wireless (TWS) completely got rid of wire.

We can enjoy music more easily. As you may know, wireless headphones transmit signals via

Bluetooth, and the transmission of Bluetooth signals is also affected by the environment.

Therefore, connection stability is a quite important factor, which directly affects the customer's experience.

-Sound quality
As a device of music transmission, the sound quality is undoubled a key feature.

-Playing time

As a portable device, playback time is worth attaching importance.

Great news we can hear, there is a charging case with earbuds. Which acts as the power bank.

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