Why more and more people choose headphones with Noise cancellation function.


The noise reduction function is very important for the headset. One is to reduce noise and avoid excessive amplification of the volume, thereby reducing damage to the ears. The second is to filter the noise to improve sound quality and call quality.

So do you know there are 2 different Noise cancellation ways?

Noise reduction can be divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction.

Today, we are talking about Active Noise Cancellation.

1. ANC (Active Noise Control)

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is the process of using a microphone to monitor environmental noise and creating anti-noise that’s then mixed in with audio playback to cancel noise entering the user’s ear. Active noise cancellation can be achieved with analog filters or digital filters and is generally differentiated by architecture: feed-forward cancellation, feedback cancellation or hybrid cancellation. Great active cancellation will significantly improve a headset with good passive cancellation, but can’t make up for poor design.

2. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)

ENC can effectively suppress 90% of reverse ambient noise, thereby reducing the ambient noise by up to 35dB or more, allowing gamers to communicate more freely. The dual-microphone array accurately calculates the position of the caller, while protecting the target voice in the main direction, and removing various interference noises in the environment.

3. DSP (digital signal processing)

Mainly for high and low-frequency noise. The working principle is that the microphone collects external environmental noise, and then the system replicates a reverse sound wave equal to the external environmental noise to cancel the noise, thereby achieving a better noise reduction effect. The principle of DSP noise reduction is similar to ANC noise reduction. But the DSP noise reduction and forward and reverse noises directly neutralize and cancel each other out in the system.

4. CVC(Clear Voice Capture)

It is called software noise reduction technology. Mainly for echoes generated during a call. Through the full-duplex microphone noise-canceling software, it provides the echo of the call and the elimination of environmental noise. It is the most advanced noise reduction technology in the current Bluetooth call headsets.

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