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Shenzhen Pumax Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Pumax Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Pumax Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on the consumer electronics industry. Over 8 years of R&D and production experience in truly wireless earbuds, headphones, ANC Earbuds, ANC Headphones, ENC Headphones. We are born for earphones, for pure sound quality, for cost-effective and durable products. Has been consistently developing and manufacturing earphones since 2013. Customers from all over the world, especially North Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea. Some other markets such as India, the middle east and so on. Contact us now! To get exclusive purchase tips and latest market research report.

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Latest Bluetooth 5.2 Chipset list used in TWS earbuds

2021 08.26

As the developing of bluetooth technology, the TWS earbuds chip is fully upgraded to Bluetooth version 5.2.


Why more and more people choose headphones with Noise cancellation function.

2021 08.10

The noise reduction function is very important for the headset. One is to reduce noise and avoid excessive amplification of the volume, thereby reducing damage to the ears. The sec

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